Male Sterlization

Male Sterilization


October 22, 2010
God to Earth, “We’ve got a problem”! “You have my Sun who is here to save you from the darkness in your life. You have instead created an Idol to worship and chosen to ignore all that my ‘Sun’ does for you and instead worship these silly fraudulent religions which depend on the mass reproduction of infants with little regard to their nurturing of intelligence, even though you deny that. We must do something to increase quality, and not quantity”!

Wars, global accidents, and diseases will do the de-population job but that isn’t the most harmonious, divine use of love and compassion. Aha! Maybe ‘common sense’ (which is not so common) will do the trick? In my more evolved town (no offense to those protecting their ego), all animals, such as mainly dogs and cats, are revered. None are put to death. All at the animal shelter are treated for any medical problems before adoption. We don’t have cats and dogs raining while wandering aimlessly. Why?

Cats and dogs procreate like bunnies with no regard for consequences to the general world. Humans are programmed to have hormones that propel them to mate likewise, otherwise called, ‘having sex’. Males in particular have a video tape that loops 24/7 to engage in ‘closeness’ for relief. Sometimes it’s genuine and caring. Often it’s just for pleasure – and nothing wrong in that ‘mutual satisfaction’. However, nature looks to keep itself going and strikes ‘bingo’ at any possible moment. Choice is ‘iffy’ as nature trumps over the human choice often.

Man-made devices for ‘stop gap measures for sterilization’, other wise know as ‘birth control’, are of likely help but only lower probability while creating various forms of discomfort.  Forced homosexuality is not the best answer either, or as with some backward cultures, using young boys for pleasure (often called buggery).

Voluntary sterilization is an important measure for controlling the population explosion that threatens infinite insane consequences. Volunteers can save their sperm at ‘sperm banks’ for the possibility of making a love connection in the future. Forced sterilization, of course, is anti – love and wrong. The ways of educating the people of the world for the advantages and benefits of sterilization needs to begin. Humans need to raise themselves from immaturity to healthy, mature beings filled with love and compassion for themselves and all. That process is a full time job that rarely is done before giving birth to new life.  New life begins within, and best before reproducing more life.

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