Smiling Eyes

Smiling Eyes

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October 20, 2010
The moon is there even if I’m not looking at it, and smiling! Give another a heart boost, and let them see you looking at them with ‘smiling eyes’. Smiling eyes send a message of ‘I’m happy and excited to see you’. The eyes talk. There evolves a type of camaraderie of warm friendliness and mutual trust. Smiling eyes become like a hug that many go months or years with little of that soothing electrical energy. As you smile from the heart at another, you smile within!

Love comes in all directions. We, at birth enter into a world of love, unaware of where it is not. In the beginning, we need caring love to survive, followed by consistent years of  nurturing to blossom into healthy beings capable of gathering more love and giving it to others. Somewhere in the beginning, love is often misinterpreted and misplaced for significant little beings who grow void of sustaining love, and a lack of passion to find it in its authentic form.

Each day must be a celebration of life with each breath, emphasizing the positive and not the negative. The light is within, and with no recognition of that, darkness prevails reducing everything to a mental casing of all phenomenon to the exclusion of lovingness in the heart. Live life as playfulness and non serious. The moment you start seeing life as non serious, the heart opens and all fears of love and life disappear. Life smiles at you when you smile with it. See nature as a gift smiling to the sun and light that is always available for sharing.

Smiling is contagious as one of life and love’s shining jewels. Be yourself and not an imprint of what others influence you to be that’s not heartfelt. Use your inner courage to express the finer aspects of who you really are. The eyes reflect the soul and joy within. Let the eyes meet eyes giving silent joy and love to the other who may not realize the transmission. Love can be uninvited but in its silence can tap into the sleeping love of another. Love is invisible, but can reach a communication point that transforms all hearts. The ‘way of the heart’ is the way of beauty and blessings for all of life. Love may take courage, but it’s that courage that taps into the jewels of life within. Send  yourself a smile into the eyes, and it will ‘light up the life’ in others.


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