Religion is a Placebo

Religion is a Placebo!
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October 11, 2010
Placebo’s work! A ‘placebo’ is generally a medical term used as a ‘sham’ to effect results that over power any psychological/mental perception that may be causing discomfort. In medical research, placebos depend on the use of controlled and measured deception. Common placebos are inert tablets, sham surgery, and other procedures based on false information. They sometimes work, uh…for a while.

‘I love you’s’ are frequently, albeit not recognized, as having a ‘placebo effect’ on the vulnerable hearts and minds, but usually don’t have lasting intended effects. Sex changes neurons in the brain to sometimes create an effect of euphoria validating one or both mutual emotions. Real love, of course, is not a placebo. Placebo’s are psychological medicines that without awareness and deep self love, create the illusion of being the real thing. The imagination is a powerful force that can create the illusion resulting in various levels of fear or love that are nothing but ‘enablers’ to ‘fairy tales’.

Religion is such a placebo. Doesn’t matter that it works on some level of wonders, so does seeing beyond what’s been boxed up as medicine. Placebos can be filled with truths and nonsense and still charm the vulnerable as are all holy books. Atheism is a ‘reaction against religion’ that is it’s own form of denial. Truth and the openness to patiently seek to see it are not placebos. The administrators of ‘religious placebos’ go by many names and with differing methods of drugging the vulnerable into believing it’s positive effects are the highest form of truth. If needed, why not just say the truth, it’s ‘wanted’? Religion is a ‘sedative’.

All administrators of all religions are ‘religious salesmen’ who keep the customers drugged much the way Hitler did! A lie repeated enough, particularly by an authority figure, becomes truth to the unquestioning and unaware. Perception is frequently the mind’s  and emotion’s ability to fool reality. Life in unawareness can become a drug with placebo effects much like a ‘drunk’ who self medicates to feel better for short moments rather than face the pains of moving above the tranquilizers. Placebos can be a great temporary high but always come with looping lows.

Chances are very likely that you are more capable of finding out, and living more positively than any ‘holy book’ character, even if they did exist, could. Try it! The Christ or Buddha is YOU, living it. You are the Second Coming ‘awakened in consciousness’ that Christians talk about, and no book is needed!!

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