Drunk on Faults

Drunk on Faults


People live on different levels in all aspects of life, some with earnest pursuit of consciousness, but most are living ‘off track’ of evolving into consciousness. Those who continue to live in the ‘soup of their faults’ (that they deny), while smelling up the environment of others, have little interest in actively changing them. Instead, they often opt for the drama their behaviors get into, and seemingly delight in blabbering on listening ears what was really their own unconscious energy that created the minor to major chaos’s.

The reasons are simple, like the fish who perpetually feed off the bottom of waters, and never rise above from birth to death. They are called ‘bottom feeders’. Bottom feeders come in human form, and are most appreciated from ‘afar’. Bottom feeders live in limited awareness, never examining their environments for better ways to live, but fighting with those they manage to cling to like a vampire sucking energy to continue their bedazzled, dark lives.

The ‘wise’ throw the bottom feeders off the line back into their dark existences of life with other ‘bottom feeders’ given the rare exception of those who actively commit to rising above the fray demonstrably. Life has short cuts to higher consciousness through keen awareness, self love, and the discernments to know what kindles that energy. Those too drunk on their complaints and foibles, are doomed to flounder in the darknesses of their self pity. Self pity is ‘looping’ with no way out but having the courage to see the faults within and acknowledge them both to themselves and others afflicted with the shrapnel effects they cause.

Fault chasers are people who seek others unknowingly with similar faults proving the adage ‘misery loves company’, however they also seek to vampire energy from the compassionate. ‘Enabling’ is an unconscious technique that allows those barnacled to their faults to live another day in ignorance and denial. Always seek the path to higher consciousness and minimize the resistances caused by outer forces such as ‘rascal bottom feeders’. Love is selective in how, when, where, and who it is given – that’s called ‘discernment’ – the highest form of intelligence. As it is best to use clean bath water, so it is best to commune with those of clean and higher energy.

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