All Knowledge is Borrowed

All Knowledge is Borrowed


September 19, 2010
Pundits of knowledge are extremely overrated except by themselves and the gullible. Action leading to the experience of ‘knowing’ the best answers available is light years more important than information or ‘knowledge on loan’! There are minds out there in human form that purport to know ‘everything’ on a subject but with no proven experience with successful results, and the ability to offer it intelligently as a gift from the heart.

Just as some were blessed with the genetics to be a great athlete, or a Miss Universe, some were blessed with the ability to recall printed information as if it’s copied on paper, and readily accessible for dispensation whenever the conversation turns to their ‘expertise of borrowed knowledge’. Many of your leaders in all facets of life are in this category especially in religion and politics. They are frequently ‘sinners of hyperbole’ on anything they have chosen to ‘one up anyone’ on. With this ability, they usually invent a craftiness to claim or support their definition of wisdom that others should not question.

Life can be looked at in two ways: Through a ‘negative or through a positive’ eyeglass. Knowing through positive, is to open up doors to becoming aware, and experiencing more of life’s mysteries. Always  say ‘yes’ without ignoring the negative, or ‘just’ knowledge. Life needs an acceptance of it’s totality beyond optimism or pessimism. Move with awareness and in the heart with always a discernment of truth from fiction or ‘borrowed knowledge’.

Edward A Murphy working on an Air Force project a few years ago came up with the     phrase,  ‘whatever can go  wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time’ (which became Murphy’s Law).  An associate of Murphy’s on the project, George E. Nichols, added another law that says, “Avoid any action with an unacceptable outcome.”

Knowledge unconfirmed with knowing, increases the possibilities of Murphy’s or Nichols law being the birth of ‘knowing’s proxy, ‘knowledge’, without sustainable, truthful knowing. Avoid ‘borrowing’ and ‘get your own’! Truth is far more likely to come out of knowing. Why be a ‘football couch potato know it all’, and find out if on the field all of that means next to nothing!? Having knowledge ‘is of’. Knowing is the real thing!

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