Love Doesn’t Expect

Love Doesn’t Expect!
Heather Falls by Vale Boy
September 16, 2010
Minimizing the value of precious words is, in an extreme expression, the ‘assassination of their meaning’! It’s true also that there are words used which people become over ‘reactive to’ to the point of putting others who are not in the same ‘reactive space’, in harms way. The range of words is common to any language. In a way it’s humorous that most of the planet doesn’t understand each others ‘charged words’. Say, love in Chinese to an english speaking person, and it has no meaning or comprehension.

The word ‘love’ is commonly used today as a kind of ‘trap’ to temper the other persons feelings into some kind of appreciation that, frankly, has insincerity wrapped around it.
The word ‘love’ has sadly lost some of it’s emotional appeal meaning due to overuse and misuse. Many today say ‘I love you’ with the expectation of a return ‘I love you’ either unsaid, or even some who insist on hearing it and embarrassing the other into saying it!

The ‘action’ behind the word love that would give it real meaning seems to be a mystery or befuddlement to most users of the word. A positive word like ‘love’ needs a passionate expression of transferred meaning. A ‘giver and receiver’ in receptivity magnifies the words. ‘Love’ that has no sense of ‘appropriateness or entitlement’ is a useless use of one of our most precious words to express deep reverence and emotion.  The word ‘like’ needs to come back into vogue where love is used flippantly. There are also occasions when ‘like or love’ are insincere words when given ‘personally.

I have a friend who demonstrates what love means to her with sincere passion. One day she upped the ante and said something even more powerful that is an ‘action’ phrase, ‘use me’! In other words, how can I make your life more fulfilled from my heart and mind supporting you?

The word love is best used as coming from two receptive hearts or at least from one’s depths of heartfelt emotion from one to another. Love is a ‘visceral and heartfelt word’ to be used best to put words to a heart feeling especially with depth of meaning. Make love a touch of the soul of the divine unknown.

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