Negative Conversions

Negative Conversions

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September 4, 2010
All negatives by choice can be converted to their highest possible positive manifestation. Religions like to ‘convert’, but only to their ancient systems of control. I am offering a better conversion! Let go of the negatives that obstruct you and others from moving into more positive choices. No scriptures necessary – just a ‘free mind’ that uses no lame excuses!

Each of us is free to climb out of past traps, and mind invasions often passed on by others, and societies ‘street knowledge’. Limits to change are essentially self imposed with little self examination of ‘whys’ as well as available alternatives.

Childhoods that have lasting negative consequences need not be converted to a reaction to them especially when one enters adulthood. You are what you make yourself to be! Freedom is an internal affair which everyone is imbued with to create the rich fortunes within. Outer fortunes are largely illusions that must be protected 24/7 from other fortune seekers of self interest. No one can take away the inner riches that far supersede the ‘mask’ of out acquisitions that are always at the expense of others.

We look for ‘placebos’ or ways that have nothing to do with making life better thinking that things will get better. Life doesn’t get better in the long run without ‘preventative maintenance’ and corrective surgery on unresolved irritants. America is a society where at least 95% of society refuses to do what it takes to find love and wisdom within. Negative behavior doesn’t need to mimic itself. Positive behavior reinforces itself.

Why not make every day a consequence of self love and compassion for others?! The life we save must first be our own to give the energy to make a difference in others lives! Rather than ‘bottle up’ the nightmares, and negatives of the past, empty them out, and slowly begin to fill the bottle (self) with redeeming qualities. Earth is a school and the best class ever is here and now! Duplicity, or the ‘roller coaster’ of going from negative to positive, and up and down endlessly can convert to smooth sailing by your choice.

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