Love is Innocent

Love is Innocent
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September 2, 2010
Love is always in innocence. Love that becomes a barter system with endless compromises is, at best, a functional love to make it through one day after another. This is what humanity considers love. Love with another is the birth of a new being apart from the two individuals that it comprises. It is an ‘us or we’ where there are no compromises or even disagreements. Why compromise yourself, or disagree with yourself. Love creates a new self or a third entity that is ‘above’ the individuals and has a mind and heart of its own, filling each with its elixir that has everlasting qualities.

This new being is very hard for the programmed human mind to understand without the experience. The merger happens silently with two who are clear of inner obstacles, or who compassionately remain in awareness of those obstacles, and own them. Love is typically a journey, but not an ordinary journey. Love can be a journey with intent and compassion for its growth into the innocent merger of two souls.

Two people meeting with an instant creation into the birth of a third, and separate mind and heart, is as rare as an albino elephant, but possible. Practically speaking, two reasonably compatible people with chemistry can enter into the journey of the souls love into a blossoming of a ‘conscious couple’ that radiates within the light of example to lead the way for others struggling in the dark.

Innocent giving with no expectation of a return becomes the fuel that enables the flame to turn into a light that guides the way on the endless journey into a ‘superconsciousness’ that is both transforming to each, but is possible to ricochet its energy and ways out to the world. It’s time to turn off the lights of yesteryears darkness, take a deep breath, and letting go into a relaxation of a new paradigm. Stop the chattering mind and let go of all into the birth of a new dimension. Believe and follow the look of energy inside your heart, and in time the ‘seal on the heart’ will break into an everlasting joy and bliss. Welcome to beyond believing into the ‘knowing of the soul’!

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