Talking Vampires

Talking Vampires Did It Ever Occur To You, Good Talker - Postcard by Shook Photos

August 26, 2010
Communication is more important than love! Love at this time is used as a meaningless word to gather a return acknowledgment, and often at the uncomfortableness of the recipient. Communication does not work that way! Communication works best as a dialog or a mutual agreed upon communing of verbal exchanges flowing in the same direction. It can be conscious, or unconscious and natural.

People have ‘spaces’ that need to be appreciated sensitively. Those ‘spaces’ are physical, mental, verbal, emotional, quite spaces and anything one is sensitive and protective about. An ‘invasion’ into someone’s space without their clear invitation is a form of psychic vampiring or put in blunt terms, worse case, a space rape. It’s easy to settle into routines that, at the same time, cross lines with infinite people without one ever really being consciously aware of the trespass that often, out of politeness or ‘tongue-tiedness’ of the recipient, goes unnoticed, and payed attention to for correction.

Self awareness is key to any spiritual, mental, physical or emotional development. In other words, to ‘know yourself’. You need to focus on every living moment with an attitude of evolvment into the highest realms of your being. Life everywhere is filled with behaviors that have little compassion either for inner development or empathy for others conscious viewpoints. Humanity is not just billions of separate people with no inner cohesiveness. We are all one, breathing each others air space as the earth is in perpetual motion on it’s own journey into ever changing space, even if it doesn’t appear to be.

Choose to be aware, or unconsciously lead a life that is filled with unexamined choices that leaves one seemingly immobile to rise to heights of consciousness. Talking is overrated, and often is self serving banter that goes unchecked by intelligence and discernment. Make words meaningful, and filled with the spirit of compassion and love. Talking happens in many languages, and is just ‘sounds’ to those who speak other languages on many levels. Conscious silence is golden, and allows the heart to gather feelings of a deeper love. Giving with no expectations, fills the heart with love energy! Let the silence of love talk!

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