August 15, 2010
Moving beyond thinking out of the box comes with a higher, creative consciousness that often gives a challenging new meaning to ‘boiler plate thinking’.  Humanity often resorts to the least creative way to use thought with a great resistance to the possibilities that might give a whole new meaning to thoughts. ‘Po’ is a new word that facilitates and encourages thinking beyond the polarity of  ‘yes and no’ in opening up the gray area in between as perhaps even more representative of the truth. That ‘gray area’ is more colorful!

“Po, or beyond Yes and No is the basic primer of a revolutionary way of thinking. Edward de Bono maintains that most of us are trapped within the rigid confines of traditional thinking, limited by concepts which have developed simply for the purpose of arriving at the ‘right’ answer. While humanity has advanced technologically, in the realm of ideas and thought processes we are, he says, still using the restricted and the restricting concepts that have always been used.

Po lets you step outside the harsh rigidity of the YES/NO system and change from the present thought pattern to creating new ideas. He offers Po as a device for changing our ways of thinking: a method fro approaching problems in a new and more creative way. It is the product of a research scientist who notably – and very entertainingly – thinks for himself.”

‘Po’ thinking creates a ‘cognitive dissonance’ that challenges the routine, non thinking ways of responding within the ‘box of acceptability’.  We have been conditioned by aspects of society to think in a ‘linear way’ with little thought. The gap between technology and human thinking has been broadening by the month creating a more ancient world living incompatibly in an advancing technological world.

An example of  ‘po thinking’ that I frequently use with Christians who ask me if I believe in god is this: “Three things: One, there is no god. Two, there is God. Three, both are  false! Yes/No thinking is disrupting the thought process. All is real …while it exists. A lit match is real only for the moments before the flame dies.  Beyond our ‘black and white’ conventional thinking is a whole other epiphenomenon  waiting for our conscious exploration. Change for evolvement is good, and necessary! There are infinite levels of perception and experiencing that await lifting the invisible veils hiding mysteries. Use ‘po’ to stop, and see deeper. Words have levels or degrees of meaning that are revealed with greater awareness and depth of love.

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