Rich$$ Without Money$

Rich$$ Without Money$


August 13, 2010
Life is an experienced blessing for those rich in spirit and love.  ‘Poor’ comes with both rich and poor materially. Having intermingled with the ‘so called rich on Wall St.’ for years, along with seeing the many homeless, or nearly so, in Venice Beach, California for many years, I can safely say, ‘which is better’. Out of the many with little money are a growing few who live ‘bohemian style’, which by my definition is people who live creatively and unconventionally as they enhance their life style with the focus more so on inner aspects of the self.

In many ways, a bohemian life style can come closer to the soul of artful living within the heart and an openness that can serve to make it a more harmonious way of life. The ‘bohemian mind’ is into art, poetry, writing, music and the general culture of healthy living. Discernment of what goes into the body is a priority be it healthy foods or healthy thoughts and feelings.

In a sense, the ‘bohemian is like a gypsy’, originated from the Eastern European and the Slavic country of Bohemia, later in the 19th century colloquialized by the French and others to describe the non traditional lifestyles of marginalized and impoverished artists, writers, journalists, musicians, actors, and more today ‘the spiritually minded’. In the colloquial use of the word, they are associated with unorthodox or anti establishment political, religious, and social viewpoints. Often bohemians are more open to a freer love, frugality, and/or voluntary poverty.

With drastic economic changes in the 21st century, no longer is America and the western world at the forefront of people living in a more elegant style. As Thomas Friedman, pulitzer prize winning journalist explains in his best selling book, ‘The World is Flat’, ‘outsourcing’ of the ‘manufacturing’ to other less expensive labor forces around the world is changing the way we live. The ‘American Dream’ needs to alter itself in these changing times to focus on the inner quality of life, and it’s expression into society from there.

The moment of ‘power seeking’ driven by consumer thirst is becoming a more minuscule way of life more for the obsessed and misdirected who worship God as money. The most exquisite moment in time on the earth is now and here. If it can be called a ‘possession’ (as it is one to endlessly give away), love can be the focus of the ‘new attainment’, with at least a little ‘bohemian style’! Time to ‘rethink’ priorities

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