Vampires of Love

Vampires of Love
Unrequited Love by ???
August 12, 2010
Most want to be loved … by someone else … FIRST!

Love begins with an innocence of heartfelt intentions until fears come up. Life comes down to a moment in love that two people hope lasts forever. It does, but gets left in the closets of time in it’s once pristine form. Reasons abound as to why love seems to slip away and becomes often unreachable anymore. The ‘casanova moment of love’ ends in but an awakening from the dream like moments into memories buried in the heart. The ‘dream’ was real until love ran from fear driven expressions.

Loved by someone else FIRST, is a kind of ‘vampiring’ of love’s beauty. Fear and love mixed is 100% conditional and rarely beyond ‘functional’, at best. The question to ask oneself is. ‘Is that all there is to life’, and love? Love doesn’t ‘lead someone on’ into an eventual abyss of hurt that gets tucked away eventually in the files of memory. Love is an energy that survives on itself or at least a replenishment of a growing into a deeper love that does sustain itself.

Once basic survival is grasped, the quest for a deeper love is the priority over all other ventures but sadly, is side skipped for ‘toys and pay-for-it stimulations’ of pleasure. Life is a vampire of mediocrity. The ‘mediocrity of ego for self interest’, with marginal attention given to evolving the self, is the bane of both individual existence and that of society.

Love, and the pursuit of it’s deeper manifestations is the one thing that is most guaranteed to give life a purpose and meaning. The pursuit of power and possessions is merely a peripheral benefit to essentially pad and provide amusement in life. FIRST comes love of the self (not negative, narcissistic, ego self love). Then, if it’s meant to be, love of another can happen where everything is let go of to love the other with the same energy of loving the self. The other person becomes like an extension of you while keeping their own individuality. It’s not unlike the strings on a virtuoso violin that needs the exact tension on the strings for the finest music. To much tension or too much slack and the music hasn’t the perfect tone of love.

The best music isn’t that which drags on lasting the longest, but that with the highest quality which becomes part of the very soul. One way, unrequited love isn’t ‘two way love’! Two way total love becomes a meditation.

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