Stressless but Tense

Stressless but Tense
River Etive (Tone Mapped) by The Flying Pig
August 11, 10
Life at its best is a balance of harmony. Stress is out of harmony as is laziness or a lack of desire to extend effort. A little stress or a little laziness can be ok, but not a consistent flow of either. Awareness of sensitivity to that which brings harmony is best. One remains alive and vibrant in a zone between apathy and stress. A positive ‘tension’ is a balance between the polarity of the two extremes.

Always seek the ‘middle ground’ where sometimes a feeling of tension that might come as excitement, expectation, wondering, even nervousness, etc, but always somewhat with emotions happens. Move in the direction of that tension, but not too much that stress occurs or too little where apathy or noninvolvement happens. These challenges give you substance, meaning, or a tone. Like the strings on a musical instrument, there is a certain tension, not too much or too little to give it ‘tone’ for music. You, likewise, are more alive, intelligent, vibrant, and in the heart.

Your life is a mystery of existence, borrowed, and not yours. It is an intricate manifestation of the whole of existence given to you in a form or a temple that is yours for the moment.  Consciousness is a separate dimension from the body but at this time can be in ‘tune’ with the body. One can be both tranquil and yet capable of being at the center while the periphery is filled with activity. In a sense, one can be at the center of the hurricane and yet tranquil.

The secret is to remain calm at the center inspite of the peripheral activity. To let the activity enter into the center of tranquility creates stress and worries, which most of society has. There are techniques involving vigorous exercise or meditations of letting go which reinsert a tranquil space between the two negative polarities mentioned. To find that space between ‘just existing’ and stressful may be a challenge, but also an adventure to find the right tension or tone. Love is a tone.

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