Replacing Yourself

Replacing Yourself
 by toriginal
August 10, 2010
Love replaces the need for meditation, but rarely does any one love unconditionally with totalness for fear of losing themselves. In love, to lose the part that is not really you, loving your inner self is necessary in order to find uninhibited love with another. The mind usually becomes the enemy of love and accumulates reasons why without letting go. The walls of resistance grow deeper and higher as the years go by.

Life in the 21st century is increasingly becoming one of self medicating fueled by ‘fear based beliefs’ in information passed on from generation to generation or drugging oneself with ‘stimulants’ bought from pharmaceutical vendors, and those looking to make easy money selling ‘happy medications’. Life itself, with it’s incredible nonstop array of technological manifestations, has created a human race that seeks pleasure in longing to possess, possess, and race to the next ‘feel good’ moment.

Ironically, we are at the best moment on earth for the advancement of consciousness, and not of just ‘things’ for distraction and replacement of the most important element of life. That element, said in many ways over thousands of years, is finding the god or godliness within while replacing the maladjusted and corrupted false self which lingers in the quicksands of perpetual confusion. In view of all the educational and technological advancements to provide better answers for better living, has consciousness of the inner really led to a more compassionate, loving world? Scratch the surface and find that little has changed in the inner for all but a minuscule few.

Love itself is the greatest way to evolve, but the most difficult, even in this amazing world of opportunity. No other way is necessary if love is found within, and one is open to allowing someone else in to replace the ego. The ego is like a prison that is ‘self guarded’ and very unwilling to give itself up, even for love, because it has deluded itself into believing that giving less will serve what resembles love, and selfish needs at the same time. To replace yourself with another is a complete manifestation of love. Ironically, the ‘individualness’ is strengthened by letting go of the ego and letting love ‘takeover’ the being. Love is freedom and compassion for the self, and the other.

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