Provoking Thoughts & Picnics

Provoking Thoughts & Picnics

(Another) Nice Place for a Picnic by Malcolm MacGregor
August 6, 2010
‘Same ‘ol same ‘ol’ is a comfort zone that usually takes priority over making a change that opens new doors beyond the ‘looping’ monotony of daily grinds. Backing out the door of unexamined behaviors just might incite new and more refreshing ‘insights’. Routines are often best replaced by new, stimulating ideas and adventures. To awaken sleepy consciousness’s needs a ‘wakeup call’ or a mental/heart nudge to move beyond years of repetitive, non productive doldrums.

Take our addiction to oil for example. It’s really an addiction to old habits and the apathy to step out side of the ‘comfort box’ and make a difference personally and collectively. In the past year I sold my Ford Bronco, that had been in mothballs anyway, to revert to my past New York City way of joining millions who use public transportation. With the recent ‘earth shaking Gulf Oil Spill’ that created a ‘poverty’ for hundreds of thousands in part because of our dependence on a resource that no longer is serving our ‘consciousness’ and a better ways of living, a wake up call for millions has been alarmed. That alarm is an opportunity to consider other viable ways of transportation that are economically and environmentally intelligent.

For the price of a loaf of bread, and with a picnic lunch,  I and a friend can catch a round trip day journey for two to our beautiful state capitol in Olympia, Washington and, while watching the amazing scenery on the way without worries of having to drive. Often busses here are 80% empty, subsidized by our taxes, and few elect instead to pay for that, plus ‘vehicle expenses’, including gas. Why not a ‘chauffeur driven’ experience often less than the individual cost of a quart of milk or less than a ‘Starbuck’s cafe latte’? By the way that trip to Olympia one way is 100 miles!! Make’s the ‘car addiction’ seem a little ‘stuck in a rut of foolishness that has negative personal and societal implications! Yes?

Talking to my ‘bus chauffeur’ the other day about the ‘low ridership’, she said that when the gas prices were double than at the moment, ridership increased 50%! People were ‘provoked’ by the pinch of money, but now have reverted back to old unconscious ways again. Unexamined routines ‘roll over’ into taking the easy way out, but with hidden negative implications.

Provoking the self with awareness and a sense of exhibited love for new, more thoughtful action is the spiritual way of consciousness. Seek ways that put awareness, simplicity, and the love of life first!

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