Hurts & the Rising Sun

Hurts & the Rising Sun
House of the rising sun by Blueju MisterClic
August 9, 2010
Grass grows by itself. As the snows melt, and the Spring comes, life renews itself virtually forgetting the past. The seeds of change and adapting wait through the winters of challenge always ready to save themselves and seek the light of life. Likewise, we as humans experience the failure of expectations where they perhaps shouldn’t have been. Those expectations may go from selfish greed to unrequited or unreciprocated love.

We are all here on Earth to learn lessons for harmonious living, and hopefully to find ways to grow out of life’s negative ‘rainy days’ clouding that pursuit. The grass grows by itself if left to it’s own nature without man’s interference. Likewise, we humans grow with the stimulation of inner consciousness rising to it’s highest levels even among the hurtful storms. Where there is a will, there is a way, ‘querer es poder’ – if you have the motivation and desire you can achieve.

In darkness, the grass waits for light to rise, as do each of us, but in our case that light comes from the endless source within. Life comes with infinite possibilities as well as choices on how to accept and/or deal with them. Attachment to what amounts to fictitious options, accumulate to create a barrier between the truth and what you are attached to. People walk around with barriers to awareness and love, accepting the minds fictions instead. It’s time to puncture the boil of denial, fear, and resistance to climb the ladder of change!

The sun also rises in the evening too, and not just the morning. The sun rose when you were born, and in living life fully, will rise when you die. You must live life rising above all challenges as the sun rises each morning. Never become attached to the sun in the morning thinking that there is no evening.  Accept all with great joy and appreciation finding ways to make the best of it. Learn to love inspite of challenges that make it seem like an endless dark night. The moment you see the sun rising in the evening, you have become ‘saved by the light’ of divine blessings!

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