Sex Repression Ridiculous

Sex Repression Ridiculous
Basket Case by cruel shoes.
July 30, 2010
In centuries past, humans relegated sex for mainly reproduction, selfish pleasure, male rape, and a sin to be avoided rather than for the beauty it enjoys with love and romance in higher consciousness. Deep love is the highest form of sexual expression and puts one on the right track of living a loving life as the most important expression of one’s being. Love comes with pain and pleasure, but only with the polarities does one become aware and in balance.

Repression of what is natural and healthy is to put one on an unnecessary track of needless recurring misery and self doubts. Beginning to condemn sex and love will only cause repression that will seep out in less than desirable ways and ferment in the cellar of your mind. Prayer arises only out of a life of love and taking the sweet with the bitter.
Out of awareness of both, wisdom and a deeper love arise. They are needed to make one more aware. To bask in pain, or to seek only pleasure primarily for selfish reasons, dumbs down the human inner qualities of compassion, sensitivity, joys, and bliss.

Freedom unfolds within as one begins accepting all aspects of the self rather than withdrawing from ‘loves’ track, or denying ones behaviors and habits that are not sensitive to others particularly those close to. We are not meant to come to earth to spend it foolishly chasing ‘wants and desires’ without accepting that love has a priority that should not be avoided. One needs to be grateful and thankful for having the opportunities presented without ignoring that the biggest opportunities are those waiting to flower with the attention nourishment that must come from oneself.

Living intensely with all circumstances and situations, good or bad, rather than repressing or ignoring the natural ones on the track of love, life rises to it’s peaks. Life isn’t waiting around with blessings at the end of the tunnel without one growing in wisdoms and truth. Life is now and here waiting for no one. Things change ….life is in a flux with nothing remaining the same. There may be challenging times, or great spaces where nothing happens. They are all opportunities to see, adapt, and grow positively. Use sexual energy as a means of enhancing all love from the inner, to another, and to the multitude of life’s infinite facets. Repression only results in missing life’s fragrances.

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