Kaput Love & Flakes

Kaput Love & Flakes

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July 29, 2010
According to the Wiktionary, kaput means broken, useless and no longer working or effective. After the main course of love,  it seems that most flake out as love goes, or becomes ‘kaput’! Humans need to be nourished by love or life becomes dry and meaningless as the soul shrivels into a cripple on unfulfilled loves. What people are waiting for is a mystery, when the comforts of love are behind everyone’s nose, if not somewhere in front.

Diluted love is popularly bandered about like the love of material possessions that meet the apathetic fate of replacement with newer interests. ‘Serial love’ is flakey love that, like snowflakes falling in Los Angeles, either never really happen or just disappear. Love is frequently primarily ‘biologically driven’, which is fine if it takes hold, and doesn’t disappear before it’s really begun.

‘Puppy love’ is thought to be that ‘crush’ between young people not mature enough to find deep, responsible love. Sadly, many adults never really mature and stay at ‘doggy love’ level that is driven by biological needs as well as a sense of guilt to maintain a facade of love. Unconsciously knowing this, millions either settle into it, or particularly in the western world, withdraw into ‘substitute worlds’ that serve to keep their interest while protecting and denying their loneliness’. In a sense, ‘love is kaput’ as they flake even on the love of themselves which, by the way, opens a love attraction for another.

Bodies come and go, love remains. Love walks on water, and through all circumstances impervious to love’s ‘kaput’ers. Love remains even if hidden, but in plain site for those who let go and open the heart. Skimming across love avoiding the closeness of a soul merger is missing the eternal gifts of love that from my experience are very real, providing comfort for the heart through all changes. Always available is the love of oneself, and in that state you’ll find those who are also, or those open to looking for it. The real crime is not to embrace life’s greatest gift – love.

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