Internet Replacing Christianity

Internet Replacing Christianity

caution-unquestioning-religous by DiscoWeasel.

July 27, 2010
Most churches are havens for social networking.  All the sermons are at best talk that one can find anywhere on the internet with far better non indoctrinational contemporary inspiration. People essentially go, if not for networking because they live in fear of being cast into a mythical hell for eternity. Facebook and other boutique social networking sights are far more appealing to connect with for, not only ‘lost friends’ but, new exciting ones!

There are more than a quarter of a million edifices for worship in America that are on significant pieces of property ‘tax free’! Yoga and meditation centers that serve to clear minds of all negative and hell/fire thoughts are, sadly, taxed, and with no large parking lots! Vacant large church parking lots are taking up space that could be a community park while the church could be converted to a space of prayer, meditation and yoga that was open to all at many times during the week. No ‘exclusive proselytizing’, but centers for promoting ‘self love’ for all without a fee.

Churches and their ‘religious salesmen’ who run these ‘indoctrination houses’ are actually ‘gatekeepers’ for the status quo that leaves generation after generation following their ‘hidden fears’ into dumbing down critical thinking and healthy living free of
‘man made god’s overpowering influence. Free, healthy, open minded, spiritual people who find the answers of a godly-like life are very uncommon to find in a modern 21st century that seems to be over focused on consumption with the newest technology.

If Christianity was really working would we have such a medicated citizenry? Legal and illegal drugs are in every neighborhood. Are churches unknowingly ‘dispensaries of psychological drugs’ that serve to confuse people and create more fears to condition both those who attend while turning off those who choose to walk on the other side of the street to avoid what could be better found, even on the internet?

The best real answers to peace and bliss within are neither on the internet or in the churches of boredom, but within each individuals open heart and mind. Networking common sense, the heart, and mind with an increased sense of awareness and discernment move one into a blessed, healthy space to experience a love far deeper. Is there anything higher than the infinite manifestations of a godlious love? Each can ‘upload the divine’ without computers or ‘churches of status quo’.

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