Fear, Denial & Laughter

Fear, Denial, & Laughter
Kitties in Fear and Denial by joannetorrijos.
July 28, 2010
Seriousness is a disease that causes many ailments to put life on crutches, or on hold. Life lived with transparency and discernment is a life lived in the light of love, and just good common sense. People don’t do things contrary to their hearts feeling different about because of a fear that arises when it’s not needed. They may be vulnerable to a fearful situation of being out of their comfort zone without the ‘perceived, and usually erroneous notion that they may not feel self confident to handle.

People fear love because of the perception that love brings misery. Love seems to take away freedoms, replacing life with lies, conditions, slavery, imprisonment, and infinite negatives that one has grown accustomed to but really are a sense of non freedom and slavery when love is no where to be found. This perception of being ‘caged’ comes with a lack of self love, and a conditionalness in pursuing love with another. Love isn’t a rental! Love is unconditional, and with compassionate communication.

Love has no fear or denial, and opens itself to a non seriousness of joy and laughter. Fear of losing one’s individuality in compromise creates a sense of creating an invisible shield of protecting it. When two souls merge in higher love with no reservations and in a ‘let go’, each reaches a compassionate communication that gives the energy to the other to be their true selves. A divine merger gives up or submits individuality to form a third being called an ‘us’, but in an aware return of giving, loves the other to have their individuality also. In a sense, love takes but gives back a better you for both while giving birth to a new merger of beings in harmony for the needs and desires of the other.

Cast out fears of love, and the denial of them, and your true self to the winds! Don’t let love become a cage that causes you to exploit the other with unnecessary compromises, lies, and poisons of love that kill the energy of love, making each other a cripple. Nourish  love until it become like a prayer and the ultimate experience of life. An energized focus may be needed as mankind for thousands of years has habitually exploited love and forgotten how to love with all the heart, mind, body, and soul. No conditions but for the  sake of love.


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