Islam Replacing Christianity

Islam Replacing Christianity
The Muslim Jesus by RinkRatz
July 25, 2010
Islam may be a ‘knockoff’ of Judeo-Christian ancient purported words of ‘god inspired’ information, but it’s centuries newer, and even includes Jesus as a ‘Prophet’. Christianity has become ‘watered down’ throughout churches in America as happened a long time ago in Europe where Islam is growing by leaps and bounds. Islam is growing faster than any world religion and expects to over take Christianity in numbers of adherents by the quarter century mark (2025).

Although many of the characters in Islam (Mohammedism) have been discounted as ever having existed by objective religion’s scholars/scientists, Mohammed is believed to actually have existed both as a ‘warrior’, prophet, and husband of a 9 year old girl who herself grew into a very evolved woman to help spread the ‘divine words’ that Allah gave to Mohammed. Anyone who has been around Muslims, know that most of them pray at least 3 times per day, unlike most christians who usually just give prayer ‘lip service’, Muslims regard it as a sacred duty.

The western world seems to be vilifying Islam (Islamophobia) likely out of fear of the competition of ‘holy books’ (bible vs Quran), and differences of opinion as well as Islam making Jesus a lower character than Mohammed. Muslim fanatics are a very small minority that if truth be know are really a product of a backward, uneducated culture.  The apparent enthusiasm of Muslims for their religion far outweighs most christian passions exemplified by the millions of ‘pews’ for sleeping, yawning butts on Sunday services.

Christianity has been a great excuse to ‘network’ over the past 3/4 century for both socializing and business. Now that the internet is in full swing, social networks, like Facebook, are fast replacing the need to make church connections. Christianity also has largely been replaced by ‘consumerism’, or a certain love of money, and what it will buy. Most folks tip waitresses more than they give to the ‘church money plate’. Divorce and family breakups as well as a growing single population dilutes an interest in Christianity. Each religion is eager for converts and both will use every form of advertising possible to attract new membership. God or Allah, up there in the sky, has to be so very happy that the two religions are finally at the beginning of an urge on the verge of a merge! Bottom line – love yourself and that love will love others! Peace Be Upon Her!
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