Bamboozled & Snookered

Bamboozled & Snookered
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July 24, 2010
…Or Hoodwinked! This is the era of ‘the scam’! The advent of the internet has provided opportunities of shadowboxing with minds under the guise of a good deal that ends up being pure deception like never before. Also, on the positive side, deceptions of the ages, like in religions, are slowly being exposed. Truth is something that’s been modified, like our seeds for food, largely for greed and profit at the uncared about expense of the apathetic and purveyors of least resistance.

It’s no longer just the ‘used car salesman’ selling lemons, but the ‘sugar people’ are suggesting sweetening the deal with not only unhealthy sugars but offshoots no longer called ‘aspartame’ to trick the mind with cons like ‘low fat and dietary’ as the world wonders why it’s getting fatter inspite of billions spent on weight loss scams. Truth has become a ‘lemon’ and as rare as common sense is no longer so common. Gosh, maybe it’s wake up time before the clock strikes midnight.

Just finished a book by the author Jack Olsen on Gypsy scams. Of course, fortune tellers are dotted around every city to pull in the gullible for money and to access the potential of future scamming the vulnerable from their life savings. As the post WW 11 babies retire and age with more money than their parents could imagine they will be joined by aging yuppies by the millions to be palpable victims of ‘snookering’ the elderly out of their savings. The ‘gypsy’ techniques are becoming ‘mainstream’ by con artists the world over not to mention governments and there thirst for putting taxes on the ‘dead’s savings’ called inheritance taxes.

The most insidious scams or self hoodwinks that are covertly hidden in plain sight through greed, lust, neediness or whatever one might call the desires of the biological urge that masquerades as ‘love’ but ends up being another lemon. People by the billions are worshipping a god that they have no idea how to define while deceiving themselves out of really knowing who they really are. Self deception is seemingly hardwired into humanity and passed on to generation after generation. The tools of self love and awareness gather dust as man muddles through everything imaginable to support his fantasies while ignoring the truths that bring far more joy and bliss than the ‘substitute sugars of deception’. Truths trump lies!

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