Knowledge Insn’t Knowing

Knowledge Isn’t Knowing

do i know you!? by Baker Stass

July 19, 2010
Knowledge today is cheaply found on the internet or in the brain of the false, pretender of knowing what has not been actualized in self proven experience. Knowing is the real thing that separates the ‘gold from the fool’s gold’. Knowledge can be power without really knowing if it’s reality, applicable, or self experiential. ‘Knowing’ is not personally unproven, that’s knowledge. Knowledge of how to do something is less reliable than knowing it from clear, actual positive experience.

Religious salesmen and politicians have been selling loaded knowledge and misinformation to the masses for eons hoping that they don’t become aware and educated of contrary and better information, or worse yet, a contrary experience to what they have been fed. These ‘mind controllers’ have depended on the ignorance of the people who are often just too busy digging out of self created holes that they have created for themselves. Power of the controllers depends on the continuing ignorance of the controlled.

Buddha comes from ‘buddhi’ which means ‘intelligence’.  Only through intelligence can people become aware, and then the use of discernment of that intelligence to reach it’s highest form. Intellect is more ‘knowledge oriented’. Intelligence comes with knowing first hand. Fake is at best a mirror image of reality.

‘’I know that’’, is a common use of language but quite different than being able to actualize behavior into a consistent pattern far removed from ‘just saying it’. Frequently the user/abuser of intoxicating, mind altering substances claim ‘to know’ better ways of living or doing things, but in fact it is just knowledge unproven from their experience. Water seeks it’s lowest level as do most who ‘follow the crowd’ with out deep consideration that it’s not in the direction of knowing the conscious self. Thinking that leads to actualization of thoughts removes one from being the ‘Humpty Dumpty on the wall’ espousing trinkets of fake wisdom without having both feet on the ground.

Fear of walking away from the ‘crowds of knowledge’ for the asleep, takes the courage of intelligence and awareness that evolves one into an authentic knowing human, instead of a robot or parrot of someone else’s words’. Truths are found in knowing, not in borrowed knowledge. Always seek the highest level of knowing and truth!


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