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Sheeple by Adam Crowe
July 16, 2010
The world is perfect as it is. People are perfect as they are! The ‘imperfect’ is perfect considering what has come before. ‘Sheeple is a word to describe those majority people who voluntarily acquiesce to a perceived authority without really knowing what’s involved in that decision. This unconscious decision is a giving up of their own rights to think for themselves outside ‘the box’.

Sheeple are a collective grouping of people who believe and/or do whatever they are told without any critical examination for the authenticity of the instructions, or who they came from. They find little motivation to go outside the comforts of what other invisible purported holy people have allegedly said, and if what they said needs to be corrected or elaborated on. Sheeple accept perceived ‘authority figures’ has having the last and final word as if from god. Research into the sources of ‘pronouncements’ are anathema to them.

‘Perfect world or a perfect person’ is not a literal analysis but one open to perception of the context of meaning. ‘Perfect’ is often a figure of speech that must be understood in the manner in which it was used. Everyone I look at, I see as a conscious and perfect human.  Sheeple cannot at this time see or visualize due to their attachment to unresolved issues or perceptions, for whatever reasons, that need to be detached from or reinterpreted in a positive way to best serve their evolvement into seeing that they are indeed as perfect as any previous being on this planet has been.

The journey out of the shackles of ‘sheepledom’ is a spiritual journey like climbing a mountain. One can’t just expect to take an instant path (like in a helicopter) to arrive at ‘nirvana’ without facing unknown challenges. Knowing how to handle challenges and using the most skillful means, makes the always continuing journey more rewarding. At some point ‘perfection’ becomes a meaningless word as the excitement and joy of discoveries of the mysteries of life come more often, and more meaningfully. To be an individual, free of all mindless following, and yet surrendered to all life is the entrance into a perfect realm of living life and love.


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