Love Requires Conscious Mate

Love Requires Conscious Mate
Totally In love by e3ashig
July 20, 2010
Finding love with someone who doesn’t exhibit deep love for themselves is like driving a malfunctioning, old car cross country, while trying to lose 100 extra pounds, and all your problems, while hoping to meet the love of your life along the way. Love, typically and unfortunately, has a great breakdown, spinout track record that finds itself marooned without any help to put itself back to ‘operational’ for the long journey.

Love can be a spiritual path, but unlike the ‘meditation solitary path’, it’s an evolving coupling of two people rising in love together. Either path is fraught with complexities that without a ‘conscious leader’ is likely to breakdown and lose the path of rising. You can seek, search and find on your own but there are thousands of ways that lead nowhere and life is too short to accommodate relentless trial and error let alone the likelihood of finding the inner love happening between two people or even oneself.

The ‘gifted in love’ person must first of all be a friend. A friend who is in a conscious position of self love and who is willing to help you eliminate the decisions of seeking love that is nothing but endless blocks going nowhere. Sex may or may not be involved as sex is just one of the expressions of ‘rising love’. The deep manifestation of love is the key, and that’s available with anyone at any age, if one is open to let go and be emersed in the unbreakable ‘spell’ of love. One of love’s expressions, for example, that needs no physical bonding is ‘devotion’ or the overpowering heart need to give back to the source that aided in the ‘unlocking of love’s hidden ways’.

A ‘master of love’ cannot give you the truth, but can indicate the paths you need not go down and become more lost. He can suggest eliminating those paths. Without one in ‘conscious love’, you will have to go through the infinite paths and eliminate them yourself. That’s a near impossibility in one lifetime. It’s much better to have one who knows eliminate them for you. The adept at conscious love is a friend, nothing more, nothing less and one who saves you endless frustrations of going down the wrong path of love. Love is life’s delicate blessing that runs from your fears of ‘letting go with awareness’, but hides in plain sight for the surrendering heart.


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