Inside Job!

Inside Job!
Inside Job by crowolf.

July 21, 2010
Who really are you? On Wall St. they call it a ‘friendly takeover’ as against a ‘hostile takeover’. Friendly takeovers are often an ‘inside job’. In the life of the personal, information is planted into the accepting, non questioning mind early in ones’ life to create what could be considered a hostile takeover that’s against the ‘examined truths’ available with critical thinking. To move into the ‘light of self evolvement’, one has to commit to an ‘inside job’. Outsiders should only be consulted as an aid to further move one into seeking what are the answers of knowing and loving oneself inside.

The forces of the world, without a ‘filter of discernment’, leave one empty of inner self direction above the forays of the cacaphonies of existence, and it’s subtle ‘brainwashing’ one accepts but is erroneous for personal growth. ‘Too late for positive change’ is a ‘state of mind cluttering’ that needs clearing for the truth to be seen, in other words an ‘inside job’ that only you can do. It’s always time to make yourself your favorite person to know and love.

Checking out of any less than positive, passionate routines, and to be replaced by things more conscious, are building blocks to greater inner blessings. At the same time, letting go of old habits that wouldn’t survive intelligent people’s viewing is another step. The infinite methods of meditation an hour or more a day are ways to clean out behaviors that stunt all growth. If it’s more love and less chatter in the mind you seek, meditate, live with more positive, focused intentions, and if possible seek out some as a friend who lives that talk. That in and of itself will possibly be a journey that’s very elusive but will save you from always going down the wrong tunnel for the cheese that’s not there anyway.

Step away from ‘crowd mentalities’ be they religions, political, economic and otherwise. Crowd mentalities steal away your individuality replacing it with dogma that’s not really you. It may take courage to escape living through lies and seeing deeper and deeper truths. Fear comes up because you live through lies and deceptions. As truth arises, one starts seeing through the lies that a whole lifetime has been invested in. Kick yourself out of environments that have made you believe what others and that environment have convinced you of. Invest in a ‘total inside job’ to bring out an extreme makeover to find your real self. To be high on life is your natural state to return to!

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