Genus Morons

Genius Morons
Life Lesson #1 by  tanya zivkovic
July 15, 2010
Rarely is a ‘so called genius’ not ‘compartmentalized’ in their ‘genius’ while being an idiot or moron in some of the most important qualities every human should evolve into. Geniuses usually are blessed with high IQ’s (intellectual quotients) which tend to give them an ability to do well at certain tasks including and beyond ‘scholastic’. Society seems conditioned by a strange reverence for ‘high scholastic aptitude’ that, at this time, gives little outward appreciation for other important qualities and abilities.

Many of these ‘genius level’ folks struggle in their personal lives often projecting their troublesome dilemmas in smooth personal relationships as the fault of others. Many times they are equally, or even more, at fault with those they have recurring conflicts with. Both the genius and non genius get caught up in societies enabling accolades for what only amounts to one aspect of a being that often is so focused on that leaving other qualities to go ‘undernourished’ or undeveloped.

Losing track of reality and depending on the ego’s lapping up the merits of one aspect of many that makeup for successful harmonious living is frequently the terms of confinement for these ‘other wise morons’. There should be sympathy for them but it’s hard to get through the self adulation. It’s like the beautiful sexy young female who has no sense of herself other than the swarm of attention she may elect to bask in. A ‘gift’ whatever it might be needs to be humbly accepted while focusing on the evolvement of other inner qualities that round out a person.

One of the common aspects of the genius is something called eidetic memory better known as ‘total recall’ (which is a built in ‘born with’ quality of being able to remember far more than the average person). Take that away from them and the genius often disappears into living a tattered self, empty of many other developed qualities. Genius has contributed much to the world as well as having been destructive. Balance of mind, body, emotional, and spiritual is the real gift that reverberates love in relationships and the enlightenment of the world. Never put all your marbles or eggs in one basket and expect the real joys and blessings in life! Intellect is only a part of intelligence. Love requires no genius.

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