Runnin’ Outa Time

Runnin’ Outa of Time

Twightlight Tree Journal Page by artjournalier
July 11, 2010
Yeeeks! Time is a valuable possession! Is it slipping by more quickly than desired? Wondering if you’ve given life at this precious, magical time all that you’ve got? The only time left is NOW, and running around doing this and that is never going to work fully if you haven’t taken the time to repair what’s inside that needs it to find the greatest joy and blessings within. There is no blame, particularly of others. It’s just stepping away from the heart of the matter! Hmmm? I guess you don’t mind, it don’t matter …  mind over matter? Or, is a game of self denial, the oldest con game?

Hopefully, you run outa time on the slippery slopes of making money that only anesthetizes you into a numbing of false happiness and hope. I meet thousands and thousands of people naked of all their possessions to see more clearly who they really are. It’s quite a different picture than seeing them in their poverty or riches. It’s actually a great leveler of humanity when one has to show up naked of possessions and fineries, uh, and makeup masks! It’s like wakin’ up in the morning with a stranger in bed!

Their are stars in your soul yet rain in every life wherever you go. The roses need smelling and can’t be smelled from speeding by in the ‘Beemer’ car going to and fro for what and where, who knows? Life is like a New York minute always moving on still being available to the ‘conscious ville’ stop to see what’s ‘really goin’ on’! Seems most everyone has a cell phone that has a ‘signal bar’ to let us know how ready it is to talk and hear.  Likewise, each person comes with a ‘’signal bar’ within to measure how conscious and sensitive the heart and being are. It’s hidden in plain sight like on the cell phone!

Put your head on the chopping block to drain out all the piles of shit that only serve to modify the shit below that. Stop, look in, and see the unnecessary ‘flotsam’ that needs to be catharted to float away to sink into an unretrievable ocean. Jesus saves? Muhammed is the way? The truth for you is only in you! Anyone else can, at best, only point out to the direction of truth. Time waits for no one but marches on leaving the carcasses of procrastination and ‘self stupidity’ behind. Each of us is a loving and brilliant human hidden in plain sight, but for seeing it inside, and not outside in the infinite distractions! Move toward the enlightening light!


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