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Young Picky Eaters. by hellomeghunt

July 9, 2010
Picky or a sugar glutton? Whether you’re the ‘eating disordered’ one, or the other is, it’s antithetic or poison to loving relationships. Tolerance and having to adapt to suit the so called success of a relationship is to ‘tolerate’ what amounts to a common, functional relationship always on the rocks. What one puts in the body (or doesn’t) can adversely affect the quality experience of love in a relationship. In any case, it’s often a question of what comes first, ‘the chicken or the egg’.

Eating habits often are the outward indicator of a persons current ability to grow in love.
People’s eating habits are as diverse as people are in general. Making assertions is certainly fraught with possible misjudgments, however that being said, healthy eating not only consists of eating healthy food with discernment, but eating in quantities favorable to the well being in all aspects beyond physical. To be mindful of one’s food intake being less than healthy is to pay attention to the love of self which affects any love of another!

In the spectrum of observing eating patterns, I’ve encountered everything from the ‘won’t eat this or that picky eater’ to the slob who gorges on any thing ‘tasty’. Substance abuse aside, each of the two polarity eaters seems to be the result of buried issues unaddressed and not overcome. Sometimes that issue is the result of physical abnormalities. Does any of it create behaviors that cause the up and down reactions in love relationships? Likely! What to do (in addition to loving oneself)?

Always, loving, common sense communication overcomes liabilities if agreed upon and fulfilled. Owning one’s obstacles to promote a loving relationship as often as the other requires is paramount in overcoming effects that have not been cleared for smooth and  harmonious merging. Marriage, or any love relationship, is about merging two souls into one and creating a ‘mutual soul mate’ which is a third entity called an ‘us’ or ‘we’ that ‘thinks’ separate from each individual. The ‘us’ is concerned with the healthy eating habits on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level of the individual, and it’s positive effect on the full expression of creating the ‘soul mates’. Love is a gourmet meal and not fast food or ‘picky’. Be open to possibilities beyond the questionable routines! The ‘power of food’ and the ‘power of love’ are related!


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