Marital Greed or Bliss

Marital Greed or Bliss?
Forty five years of marital bliss by Judith Angharad.
July 8, 2010
Marriage activates the inner qualities, but most ignore it for the superficial ‘outer’! Legal marriage is a contract between a couple and the state, make no mistake! It is about money and taxation, which is ok, but all that amounts to a life of up and down misery with no cure, but with wisdom, it makes sense for priorities to put ‘love and compassion’ ahead of the state! It’s never too late to have an interview with the ‘self’ for a job that was lost early in the marriage!

Life is a bit of a ‘merry-go-round’. Get on the wrong one and it just goes ‘round and round’ with getting off being even more misery unless there’s joy in the ride that leaves a ‘love buzz’ through its ups and downs. How many can say from their heart that they would do it all over again and again for the love that they had? Love is ‘self pumping’ into more love, but needs a self intention and activation to make certain the heart stays open and filled with the magic elixir of love’s juices.

Since the last third of the 20th century with the increase of women in most work fields (and women’s equality is very important), the increase in a significant 10’s of millions of couples income has skyrocketed. Along with that is a kind of ‘greed’ used with the purchasing power that seems to feed on itself. As I walk through cities and towns like greater Los Angeles (8th largest metro area in the world), I see hundreds and thousands of ‘mega homes’ that would once have  been called ‘castles’ all over.  The American ‘bubble dream’ is that of ‘living a dream-illusion’ in deference to others, and really their inner souls.

Marriage is an opportunity to ‘soul mate’ with each other in a rising of love and consciousness that defies the common naysayer’s thinking. A true marriage is a meditation! Meditation is a rise in consciousness as is a marriage with two partners in sync to reach to the highest qualities of emotion and being possible. Most marriages are ‘bottom feeders’, rich or poor, of the skeletons of something they persist in calling love for who knows whose benefit! Marriage is meant to be a state of divineness regardless of challenges it may incur. It’s all a choice. Rarely does the focus on the pursuit of accumulations and marital bliss go together… love is selfish!


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