Spiritual Military

Spiritual Military
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Acharya S
July 6, 2010
The oldest and most unknown ‘military’ in the world is the ‘military of consciousness’. Rules of engagement have always been rather simple – there are none! If there is anything underlying ‘no rules’ it is ‘sensitivity’. Sensitivity or the harmonious positioning to everything is the guiding light. The real ‘organization’ is only within each individual to allow a complete takeover and injection of self love and awareness of truth.

Love, compassion, trust, forgiveness, prayer, etc., all are guided by sensitivity. Sensitivity to ones inner needs to empower those characteristics, and more, for the rise of a divine like consciousness and awareness both for the self, partner, family, friends, enemies, and society at large. No form of organized religion or worship of any savior or prophet is necessary if one walks through life with awareness and sensitivity to nourish the evolvement of the being and world.

Talk and words that are just sounds, usually without the accompanying walk of the ‘talking words’, and are just what the leaders of religion have done to hypocritically lead the masses into an illusory, sleeping state of following words attributed to a god that has been made into an all seeing human form, are no longer needed for the ‘questioning seeker of truth’.

Constructing millions of edifices to house what amounts to a military mind control of certain indoctrinations in the name of a religion is merely a covert imprisonment of the minds of the masses to further convince the ‘religious leaders’ that they are ‘serving the world and words of a Man Made God’. When the masses are ignorant and gullible (as sadly they still insist on being), wolves dressed in sheep’s fineries, vampire the people into manageable flocks. To move into ‘sensitive consciousness’ requires no scriptures whatsoever. A roadmap to your inner being is in no book but inside the choices you make to use all positive aspects to rise to best answers on your own.

In seeking the ‘higher grounds of love and consciousness’ sometimes challenges will be met that require a battle with negative forces. The key to riding the high plains of life is to be openly aware and sensitive to what’s possible, with the patience to know that sometimes best visions and ways take time to manifest, even knowing oneself! Let go of the false, and embrace the ‘truth’!

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