Slumbering Slums

Slumbering Slums

asleep by ŽakQ100.

July 4, 2010
I was going to use the title ‘Robots in Denial’, but I like this one better! To live in the ‘slums’ is to be a part of abject poverty, and if slumming, to do nothing about it while not even making the best of it. Rich or poor, slumming is international, and in peoples gross neglect of the jewels of consciousness, instead electing to not clean the inner house of garbage that festers year after year. It crosses all ‘educational levels’, monetary status, outward attractiveness, skills, and on and on!

I belong to the ‘new military’ to fight battles between truth and ignorance or slumbering!  As a veteran of infinite battles with thousands between ‘slumber and wake’, I find the ‘forging’ through battles with the ‘slumlords of the mind’ taxing but at the same time a rush of energy that contributes to the ‘collective consciousness’ of those few million awake souls on the planet. Hope is an illusion but one in which gives impetus to continue moving through battles to reach those open to ‘examine life, love, and themselves. There is no greater purpose and journey but to expose the ‘slumbering’ to the light of seeing what more is in front of their nose, and for free!

The ‘spiritual military’ is the only military worth joining to seek the conquering of lies to replace with truth, and it’s free for anyone to take part in! The battles are done without anyone being physically killed or maimed for life. There is killing though. The ‘killing of egos’ that people cling to as if they fear losing who they think they are. In a way, that’s true! But, not as they fear. The clinging to the negative and false information, disperses and becomes ‘immaterial’, but still below the ‘back burner’. The ‘new focus’ is on what was always there but just ‘out of focus’.

Slumming through life is to live like a drone in the mind and heart except for self gratification. To live in a ‘box of denial’ when all it takes is a little courage to jump out, is strange indeed, especially seeing we live in a world where ‘ancient technology’ has jumped out of the box to unlimited discoveries that continue! It’s time to ‘wake up from the slumber’ and jump out of the box of denial to see and experience the many blessings that are here and now. No Charge, but a ‘charge into inner truth’!


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