Male Vampiring

Male Vampiring

July 2, 2010
The oldest profession in the world is male hunger for satisfaction at the expense of another. ‘Profession’ because it’s usually for money or material reward by cajoling victims into ‘deluded submission’. ‘Taking’ under the auspices of ‘giving’, at best! Vampires are real – real people who have an unusual thirst for blood, but in a non coagulating, positive, natural way for them with rare, compliant people.

‘Vampiring’ (vamping) is a whole different phenomenon that falls under the category of one of the seven deadliest sins called ‘greed’ or ‘self serving behavior with little regard for the others sensitivities or rights’.

Man has incarcerated woman to serve his needs which has resulted in her having to serve him in varying levels of prostitution from submissive wife to street hooker. Sexual vamping is and has been epidemic since known history by males which has led to every crime imaginable to support self serving abuses. Man is not just an animal without the abilities to find ways to evolve to compassionate choices in life.

War is a cover for male vampiring of possessions disguised, as necessary, to protect one’s possessiveness while thirsting over the potential rape of all women who are on the side of the so called enemy. Energy vampires frequently look for ‘victims’ on all levels of life to support greedy desires. Vampiring is a male energy out of control of common sense and empathy for anyone but themselves unless it’s during a ‘seduction for the kill’ so to speak. It’s normal to sell the benefits to another to lure them into submission, but unethical if the desired outcome is to the misfortune of the recipient.

From Wall St. to the ‘street criminal’, vampiring is always searching for victims to milk an addiction for more and more.  Priests and religions leaders are rarely not ‘vampiring indiscreetly’ while covered and cloaked in the name of a God that they also vampire. Vamping is usually ‘crossing the line’ of compassion and common sense empathy for the innocent. Rarely is it not done in the ‘dark of hidden motives of lust for self indulgence’. Seeking mutually agreed upon benefits for each other is ‘positive vampiring’, (to stretch the meaning of the concept).

Always be giving and receiving from the heart with compassion for others. It is the path of the divine godliness that withdraws more ‘like energy’ to enable all to live in a more blessed life. Negative vampiring is ‘male’ while the female counter part is to give to those open to receiving. Try being a giving vampire for the benefit of all!

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