Trapped by Love

Trapped by Love
The Saddest Fairy Tale: Ten years without Diana, who passed away on  31 August 1997 by Doc Kazi

June 25, 2010
The ‘worst love’ is the love that you can’t even find respect for it’s memory, not to mention, it’s continuing fulfillment. The ‘rumors’ that love is the best thing in life to seek and fill oneself with, are true!  Love’s hurts are loves’s opportunities to find it within. “Fools love’ is a hard pill to swallow, but is love that changes it’s mind to what amounts to a state of mirage. To be what’s called ‘successful’ is nearly always prompted by a passion for doing what’s necessary for it’s outcome. Love needs letting go of all obstacles.

There are levels of love. One who experiences it deeper than another in a partnership is fine as long as the other is growing deeper. One growing in love deeper without the union of the other in tandem, is like a tennis pro playing a neophyte – it’ll be hard for the accomplished player to continuing to play at the beginners level, and yet hard for the beginner to maintain interest in playing with someone who exhausts their energy of keeping up.

Sustaining a hight quality of love is not going to happen for the person who abuses themselves with unresolved issues. Two people having difficulty loving themselves often end up trapping each other in an endless cycle of ‘patchwork love’ that never reaches the peaks of the beginning. Love is a peak of consciousness and can become ‘flatlined’, or left to time’s natural erosions. They occur when love doesn’t receive energizing, dissipating into a ‘functional semblance’ of the memories of what was once.

Love gets abused by the ‘love abuser’ who seeks substitutes from the outside, thinking (?) it will bring satisfaction when no one can get any satisfaction for more than a few days by letting mental chaos take over their lives. The ‘ego’ brainwashes’ love away thinking it has nothing to do with it. Transgressing into some of the seven deadly sins, be they greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony, or anger, they each act to sour love’s virtues. These habits can be replaced by infinite love’s virtues from compassion, giving, sensitivity, empathy, positivity, self knowing, converting challenges into assets or solutions, and on and on. Love denied can be an unforgiving trap! Always find ways to rise in love!

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