Assets & Liabilities

Assets & Liabilities Love
Property value asset or liability? by Susan LeBlanc.
June 26, 2010
Love is a blessing and an asset! The word ‘love’ is often used as a trap exercised on the negative side to manipulate, dominate and control. Love, in all but a few lives, seems to be like a credit card thats been abused with hollow promises of ‘making it up later’. Perhaps ‘love amnesia’ takes over as the ‘hollow I love you’s’ pile up along with demonstrations of forgetfulness to keep total focus on the assets.

Fixing another is impossible even with love. Only the full active intent to banish negative habits and characteristics ‘by the individual’ will uncover even a scent of love. Making love unleash itself where discord and lack of harmony persist is like climbing a mountain in the middle of winter in tennis playing attire. Assets are essentially nullified by persistent ‘liabilities’ that go uncorrected, or even without heartfelt attempts to correct them. A sample of infinite examples would be of the priest who serves hundreds in the name of God yet is discovered to molest little boys. The assets are nullified by the liabilities. All liabilities that can be corrected from someone who declares love, but are not, corrupts the meaning of the word ‘love’.

All that is ill in humans can be corrected by genuine love. Not being able to share one’s being is a misery that evokes itself in innumerable physical, mental, and emotional suffering illnesses. The highest form of love is compassion. The lowest form is sex. Compassion is therapeutic for the soul. Refined passion becomes compassion for the other with no expectation of return. Giving love is to have compassion for the receiver in giving from the heart that which gives to their receptive heart. To live on love mixed with negativities is at the lowest rungs of love at best. Compassion for the other is the therapy to dissolve and heal wounds.

To heal love gone astray one needs an awareness of responsibility to have compassion for the inner qualities that the other so richly deserves to experience.  You are no less than the ‘god’ in human form!  Ask yourself what a compassionate God would do and fulfill that. Love on crutches, while filled with all forms of negativity, is not going to blossom, but remain broken like the billions who’ve come before you have too left the world without attaining the blessing of the richness of love shared with anyone. Love is the one thing all can give in the form of compassion regardless of any status in life, rich or poor, educated or uneducated. Focus on the inner love before the love of the outer.

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