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Artists of Love5:25Deuter Music
Reflection of Love by Christophe Kiciak.
June 24, 2010
Love is an ‘art form’! The canvas is you! Want to change another? Change yourself first and then ‘see’ like a sculptor looks at a huge boulder. When he sees himself as an artist seeking perfection, he can see in the stone a finished work of art. Likewise one must become centered within themselves having carved out all impediments to a full self realization of themselves, and then, be able to see the perfection in another but for their self realization unfulfilled.

Take time every day to turn inside and see what causes the mess of obstructions including anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, and all black holes of repression that are harbored within. Close your eyes, and open the eyes within to see passing dark clouds that obscure the clear view of who you really are without the relentless attachment to negativities that serve no purpose but to block who you really are. Those clouds obstructing the experience of knowing your perfection will always be in frequent, endless recurrence.

Because it’s all a mess inside, one is motivated to constantly look for pleasures on the outside so as not to deal with the chaos within that incessantly arises at any moment. It seems as some sort of ‘hell’ or ‘Hitler concentration camp’ rather than the paradise sometimes called the ‘kingdom of god within you’. It’s necessary, like a sculptor carving a beautiful work out of rock, to clear that which has no part in the beauty of the finished product.

Before ‘fine tuning’, there is a need to chip away the obvious barriers to seeing a more clear picture. That ‘chipping away’ is analogous to ‘catharting’ to remove that which one has attachment to having, nothing to do with a more beautiful, clear self. Catharting techniques can be any number of physical exercises from near about an hour of dancing,  creative calisthenics, running, laughing, crying – a focused activity to exhaust the mind followed by a few minutes of closed eye silence just watching what comes up with no judgment. In time, fewer and fewer clouds of disturbance will be in that relaxed silence.

These suggested ideas are active meditations to better prepare the way for following up with passive silent meditation. Soon the ‘art of inner discovery and harmony’ will begin to unveil itself. Slowly your blissful essence will begin to slip in as the ‘unwanted’ is thrown out.

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