Tippy Toe Friendships

Tippy Toe Friendships
Friendship by h.koppdelaney.

June 18, 2010
Good Friends are like stars.  You don’t always see them, but you always know they are there! However, ‘good’ is a term often used too loosely in regards to friends.  It’s been said that friends met in a bar disappear like streaking  comets never to be encountered again. In all aspects of life, that is much the same. Move miles away to another location, and ‘time’ will extinguish most flames of ‘friendships’ into an invisible reality and a foggy memory occasionally remembered by the heart.

Friendships are like the ‘tango dance’ – it takes two fully committed to make it work! Friendships are like ‘gardens’, they take care and consistency as well as a deep compassion to weather the rains and the seasons of change. That change should at least include at least a ‘little conversation’ from time to time when possible. Always friendships need the openness on both parts to give ‘homage’ to the precious moments of mutual experiences.

Everyone has a self responsibility to cultivate an openness and compassion of the mind and heart, especially for friends.  All strangers are potential friends and all friends were once strangers. It’s always loving to oneself and others who have touched the heart, past and present, to keep open the doors of communication. Most do not, and only because they have not taken the time to love themselves enough to love others.

Current friendships, and seemingly friendships that have drifted away, grow best with all doors open to communication with no fears of having to ‘tippy toe’ on egg shells to maintain the ‘relationship’ on going. I’ve found that all but a rare person puts walls up, or locks doors to either giving energy, or improving the depth of a friendship. The very best friend you will ever have is locked behind that door, and in you. Why create a ‘suicide of friendship within yourself’? Is it ‘you’ who limits friendships? Never be the last one to ‘not connect’ – that closes doors to the sensitive.  Give love, and receive love – no ‘tippy toe’ stuff, and unlock the floodgates to real communication!


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