Love Cancels Religion

Love Cancels Religion
Being Engaged by !shtiaQ Ahmed
June 21, 2010
Love is a magic that carries it’s own scriptures! Once it goes from passion to it’s depths, a ‘tabula rosa’ arises canceling all but the memories of any religion, and way of prior life. In that space, all attachments become a ‘past’ that can be only viewed from afar as if in another time, place, even the concept of ‘God’ takes on a new experience that really can only be understood by the rare fortunate. Words become unnecessary except for practical use. Love is a new start every moment needing only it’s energy to shine as bright as the first moment!

The universe smiles when love is reached. The deeper it goes, at some point it reaches a nirvana that implodes within forever. Love only dies when it hasn’t reached it’s depths. Love in it’s deepest form, becomes a fulfilling of bliss and inner joy that transcends all challenges throughout life. Perhaps there is no beginning and certainly, no end. Love of a mother for a child lasts without end. Deeper into another dimension of love, happens when two souls meet in a higher and higher place. That space is a ‘superconscious love’ that begins a new life.

Love cancels ‘everything’ that ‘man’ conjures up whether allegedly transmitted by any God or holy spirit. Love manifests a world that no ‘religious salesman’ can possibly communicate, but instead relies on ancient scripture from men who were very talented in the use of words that keep all but a few incarcerated from the freedoms of love. The barriers to love are as plentiful as all the specks of sand in the world.

Trust no talk on love that is not experienced as a positive blessing. Naysayers are ‘love’s losers’. Fancy, poetic words must always be matched to the experience of the ‘author’ for verification of reality. ‘Fairy tale talk’ is of the dreamers of illusion, not the experiencer.

Ecstasy is an experience, not a word to just imagine. Ecstasy in love is not up and down, but in differing levels of surreal, tender, positive heart feelings of a magic carpet ride with no end. Those who have only had different experiences less than mentioned, are blinded by not having met love in it’s full array yet. Love that comes and goes is not the everlasting ‘divine’ love. Love is like a magic elixir coming from the higher dimensions, meeting and filling the soul of the whole human being endlessly.

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