Heaven Knows

Heaven Knows …
Heaven's door. by Jarluce Portela Postigo
June 23, 2010
Means, ‘you’, in your higher self, can see truth, and feel the bliss and joy at will of all life.
Love has not to be sought but is ever present for you. There is no more hatred, having been replaced by compassion and awareness. Everyone has the right to know and feel love and heaven within. However, all but a few get lost in the distractions of window shopping through life rather than shopping within for the pearls of wisdom within.

Where ‘heaven’ is, there is no fear. Love is existential. Fear is the absence of love or heaven within. The problem with any absence, is there is nothing you can do about it directly. Fear is like darkness, nothing can be done about it directly. Light need to enter. The way to deal with darkness is via light. There is no way to change darkness without light entering. The same applies to love and fear. Love is light, fear is darkness.

Problems will never be resolved by obsessing with the negative of darkness. One’s energy will ultimately find itself being overcome by exhaustion. Defeat is imminent and all because of fighting in the dark with something that is not really there, but only more darkness of fears and ignorance is given energy that only sucks out the light or truth. Making a problem out of fear and ignorance is only to be endlessly lost in the dark. Love is the question, and the answer. Seeking to find love within extinguishes the darkness. Finding love when only the negativity of darkness is around may take patience but that’s where the answers lie.

Love is an intrinsic quality you are born with and remains inside hidden by ones ignorance and fears waiting silently to be found. Giving adds energy to love starting with giving positive thoughts and feelings to yourself, your passions, and from the heart to others. Like painting, writing, music, or playing a sport, the more effort you give to it, the better the results. Give energy to your awareness of qualities that replace habits that serve no one but the lazy, greedy self. Giving has mathematics. The more you give the more the results.

Fear is darkness. Give, and one day darkness is no longer there! Heaven knows only love and joy!  All that you need, you have … waiting for a little light from you! Keep on reaching in!

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