Emotional Peepers

Emotional Peepers

Fear by Mystic200.

June 17, 2010
Before entering the lake’s water, we stick our toe in to feel the comfort level.  Fear of discomfort guides our decisions, even so far as to sadly avoid the comforts and joys of love’s many blessings. In the case of love, for most, it’s too hot to handle beyond the biological love that rushes to the head, jumping safely from the heart. Swimming in the ‘ocean of love’ and letting go of all fears, takes courage! And, where is that courage? In the heart!

Peeping into love, and fear of closeness, is cross cultural around the world, however it seems to be an epidemic disease of some cultures with few exceptions. Sometimes it’s the control of a religion’s close mindedness and/or the repressed culture of a country.  More broadly, it permeates ethnicities! Asians, for example, are typical of this malady, passed on for eons, of fears created, and continued on since prior to written history. This ‘type’ is manipulated, dominated, and controlled by ignorance and fear of ‘losing control’ of ‘whatever it is they think’ they are protecting, instead reaching for the ego of denial.

Brilliant minds have little to do with a heart and mind that is willing to ‘let go’, and let the flow of love’s emotion conquer all fears of closeness. Of course, it’s not always wise to open one’s heart and mind with those who struggle with themselves, and can’t seem to find closeness beyond the biological urges.

There are two spiritual paths. One is the ‘alone path’ of meditation, and it’s infinite techniques to reach inner blisses of love. The other is the ‘love path’ where best expressed between two individuals who merge as one. Both paths open one’s ‘love being’ but not without their dangers. Accompanying the ‘love path’ to open ‘self realization’ requires also the openness of another which simultaneously opens sexual desires. Usually, but not necessarily so, the physical is involved. Whether physical, mental or emotional, the love path triggers fears causing a retreat of letting go all the way.

Why go through life with ‘love peeping out of the closet’ for fear of hurt or losing the ‘false’ self? Hell within sucks! Step out of the box with awareness and discernment into the path of unconditional love and, to keep it real, make it with a conscious adult. Courage opens the heart!

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