Big, Fat & Beautiful!!

BIG,Fat & Beautiful!!

2/100 Strangers: Big, Beautiful, and Delicious by Starmaker  Photos.
June 11, 2010
Inner quality is a hidden diamond to be uncovered! You are great as you are, it just seems to be a struggle to find that inner flashlight to see what’s deep inside! Everyone’s inner is perfect, it’s just that some ‘wrong turns’ have clouded the picture of that. To see that inner beauty is easy for the rare outsider who sees their own inner truth inside already. Paradise is in everyone, but just mixed up with doubts, fears, denial and general self loathing!

Feed yourself ‘junk perceptions’ of what others say, coupled with what you routinely  think, and feel is to create a bigger and bigger pile.  The real ‘fat’ are those mind thought/feelings accumulated and sent throughout the being which in turn blocks all energy to activate healthiness. No one under all circumstances needs to cement past negativities into the false self which only serves to compound the negativity endlessly.

Hiding the real inner beauty and releasing the false into it, has little to do with ones state of being, fat, thin, age, color, status, attitude or anything. It’s a choice!  A choice of direction,  is best into a healthiness from the inside to the outside. No one climbs the lowest or highest mountain without one step at a time.  The journey, like life’s journey, is one of challenges that evolve into opportunities if one stays aware, especially with a passion for reaching the endless positive results.

Slowly the ‘love of self’ will emerge through groping in the dark into a greater light. Love is a prayer of joy, gratitude, forgiveness, thankfulness, and compassion fulfilling the intention of reaching the endless source of ‘nirvana within’. Have the courage to take it step by step, opening the heart which lights the way. When one is in the ‘mud of frustration and self loathing with awareness wide open, a lotus blossom will appear to give new energy on the road to unearthing the inner beauty that has aways been there. The first sighting of love is the first sighting of the inner wisdom that blossoms into the highest quality of self love.

Learn the ‘art of love’ step by step!  It is that which ultimately provides the nourishment needed to see and accept the inner self as the highest state of godliness to weigh upon the soul. Love of self is the greatest balancer of healthiness in life.


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