Lip Service

Lip Service


June 9, 2010
People confuse thoughts of ‘consciousness’ with actions of consciousness. Too much ‘lip service’, and no follow through makes for a lot of hot air.  Good intentions are like weeds.  Self promises that are for follow up tomorrow, are like expecting a pretty fluffy cloud to remain visible an hour later. Chasing the ‘outer’ while ignoring the inner is like making a pretty cake that tastes awful when eaten. ‘All show’ and no sustaining inner glow is a bad recipe for quality ‘consciousness’ that fades into darkness quicker than a flicker!

Education about the outer amenities of life is a seduction to the ‘more and more syndrome’ leading to even ‘more accumulation’ of the outer, and likely an addictive habit of putting off those invisible qualities that create a divine human being. Is life meant to be merely a ‘demolition derby’ of desires for this and that competing for each others time? Attention to education as well as ‘the outer’ is wonderful IF in balance with a focus on the inner attributes that make life more evolving and compassionate for not only oneself, and those closely aligned, but the world at large.

The ‘multifaceted substance abuser, and addict of ignoring the finer inner things of life’, is merely a ‘window shopper’ passing through life in a body that de-evolves into a good reason to wear a sheet over the head with holes for eyes that can’t see but the outer. Surely it must be orchestrated by one of god’s pranksters to mess with an individual’s clash with his relentless pursuit of gluttony at the expense of a self sacrifice of the inner values. Is it ‘god’s demolition derby’ for those that pay little heed to the hints that life just might be about more than ‘stoking the desires of greed’ – just maybe?

With the unconscious display of accumulative opulence in a few million erected mega houses in America, those with little to offer inside seem to insist on covering it up with the charade of an ‘over the top mega house for two, plus a dog and cat or two. These few million ‘ego-greed houses’ are generally worth over a dozen times the average persons abode. One who values the godliness in life, opens their heart and home to the world rather than being the gate keeper for selfish self interests coupled with apathy toward anyone else.  When I see one of these ‘satan worshippers of what money can buy’ sitting on their front lawn meditating or doing yoga, I’ll repent for my judgment and give them a hug and a blessing! Reaching in, one can pull out all the riches possible to create a divine life!


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