Old Yuppies Suck

Old Yuppies Suck


June 8, 2010
‘Love the affluent’! Now in their 50’s and 60’s – they certainly have no love for you! Money is love to these geezers who sold out ‘love and compassion’ for ‘lobster dinners at a French Restaurant, and a BMW’. Now they retire and buy a ‘mega house’ and at least one ‘getaway cottage’ that would be a dream home for most middle class schmucks, not to mention the millions of poor, and don’t forget the real authentic people – the Bohemians (artists, poets, writers, spiritual, etc).

‘Yuppies’ is an acronym for (Y)oung (U)rban (P)rofessional who shunned living authentically from the heart for a high paying job and an affluent, ostentatious lifestyle. They arose in the 1980’s. In the 21st Century, these aging, greedy, critters have one foot in the grave and the other ‘basking’ in their greedy possessions oblivious to others except those others living in the same type of fancy ‘pre tomb’. Yuppie-dum is now greedier than ever as they have more time to flaunt their one dimensional ‘self serving accumulative habits’.

These money dorks can be found talking to their ‘gardener’, at the BMW/Mercedes dealership, at a ‘resort’, driving their $1/2 million dollar road hog glorified bus toting a BMW, on posh golf courses, or especially at Indian Casinos, or Las Vegas, blowing away money that could support useful consciousness changing causes. Instead they ‘bellyache’ about others had the same opportunity to work hard and invest or save. No regard is given to millions who value a more personal, giving, loving life apart from the ‘religion of money’.

Never look for this aging type at a yoga or meditation class but at the local religious salesman’s church where they can sit  their ‘wrinkling butts’ on a pew and listen to ‘mythical ancient people’s’ purported gibberish! Yuppies love avoiding looking at themselves except in how they look around their trappings.  They call it ‘self love’ – right, except it’s the narcissistic ego kind that collects the material as idols to worship.

On that ‘last step’, looking back for one last look at all that money can buy, they’ll wonder what they can take with them? Nothing that can be seen! If they’d played at the ‘right casino’ where gambling isn’t even a thought, they’d know that that casino was the ‘casino of love’ in their heart! Winnings can be taken everywhere ….even beyond! Gamble? Try that one! Arhata

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