Romancing Fear

Romancing Fear
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June 6, 2010
Whether one chases away, or runs from the ‘fears of love and intimacy’, it’s bad for love and romance. Chasing after love while not finding the love of self is like shooting for the moon without the proper vehicle to get one there and back, coupled with the personal preparation necessary to stay alive. Having a desire to have the ‘romance’ of movies and novels while being only prepared to ‘hoe it through life on intellect and unresolved inner stuff, is like running in place in a marathon.

Turning fear into love is to ‘romance fear away’. Ignorance of accepting fears within is to solidify one’s missing the continuing joys and bliss of love’s charms. Love is reluctant to hang out where distractions are in whatever form they may be. Love comes in invisible levels from biological, mental, emotional, to the aware spiritually.  Choosing to remain on one of those levels at the expense of the others is to have ‘broken wing’ love that always is haunted by an inner desolation and fear of missing.

What if you had to choose between just love or outer success? What if one day you awoke and felt that you had neither with no change on the horizon? The ‘wise’ choose love while not avoiding whatever feels like success without ignoring ‘love as the greatest success’. Tomorrow begins today, for ‘tomorrows are hopeful illusions’. The negative  ‘past tomorrows’ that cling to the present are anything but a gift without finding the love within at this moment. Time is an illusion. Transform into the ‘now’, NOW!

Choose a pathless path upward into love, while rejecting and casting out the ‘stones that are harbored in the heart and mind’. To be free is to not live in condemnation of the past that can’t be changed but for unattaching that which lurks in one’s being. Any negativity has no end but in releasing the love that is kept in the dark.  Finding love on the outside is temporary even if found when first it’s not found within.  Romancing the self is to unattach to all inner fears of love’s closeness.  Real love is too shy to be with fears that turn all opportunities into infinite forms of rejection.  Love is a marathon, not a ‘race around the block’. Romancing self perpetuating love, is the fuel that creates a new kind of marathon of love. It’s never too late to ‘romance the love within’! Arhata

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