Greedy Love

Greedy Love
The Political Gravy Train by
June 4, 2010
Love begins with a luster that is filled with the joy of innocence, but generally slips into anything but innocence. There are rare examples of love that rises to new heights of a divineness that fills the air with a smile and hope that love can be real. ‘Falling in love’ is to fall out of love into a pseudo love for impressions sake. ‘Rising in love’ is a rare phenomenon that disproves all the ‘naysayers’ of love and it’s value.
Marriage in America turns into a distant facsimile of a love that has turned into an excuse to accumulate as many material possessions as capable of, to impress themselves, and others, who ironically, are doing the same thing. It’s a new level of keeping up with the Joneses but one that ignores the divine phrase, ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’.  Instead, greedy love accumulates more than is needed while love slips into unconsciousness and ‘just words’, with a big ‘castle home’ that serves only the ego while ignoring the rest of the world.

Becoming bored with the ‘castle home’ not being enough with it’s perfectly landscaped gardens done by hired gardeners, attention turns to the finest amenities to fill the house including ‘fine art’ from starving artists adorning the walls of even the bathroom.  To add, perhaps a fine boat and, or an extra house to visit a few times a year situated among others who do the same while love has taken on a meaning that translates to fear, insecurity, lies, and more possessions to help forget the dead carcass of personal human love. The ‘irony’ of this expression of ‘pseudo love’, is that the ‘castle of greed’ is not a home but a fancy tomb to replace love of self, another, neighbors, and the world at large. Everything is in order but the ‘real love in action’.

‘Couple greed’ has taken on a new and accelerated form since the late 20th century when ‘the two income families’ arose in towns and cities coast to coast spending frivolously as if there was no tomorrow.  The common populace, while not bypassing suffering in their own pursuit of greedy desires, lives unostentatiously as the ‘super spenders of ego’ drive up prices that have the adverse affect of making those valuing money less, wonder why their lives are consumed by the anxieties of meeting common needs. Both are left in fear, insecurity and anxiety while avoiding, and not giving love and compassion, in the real sense, to themselves or to others.

Love is free, but ignored, it’s alternative is ‘expensive’, false and shallow. The real riches are inside, expressed outside in the giving to the greater awareness and love for others to enjoy

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