Facade of Marital Bliss

Facade of Marital Bliss

Bad Sex In America by brooks.lisa502.

June 3, 2010
Everyone wants to put on their ‘Sunday Best’ when it comes to giving the world the best impression possible of a fake ‘marital bliss’. Good impressions for the outer world are common charades made by most people single or married, which in a way, is only natural. Whether seeking employment, a loan from the bank for a new house, or dining out in a restaurant, there is an accepted ‘protocol’ of ‘putting on the ritz’ to cover up what lies beneath the ‘facade’.

In most ways, it makes sense to put one’s best foot forward whether it’s a ‘first date’ or
showing up at a funeral for someone hardly known. The key is accepting yourself as what you really are underneath as a compassionate, vulnerable, open, receptive being, just stopping and seeing that being less than that is really becoming a ‘compilation of questionable habits’ that belies the authentic you. There is no one, or relationship, that needs to improve so as to pretend to be what one is not. Circumstances from the past that are used as an excuse, and are accepted as validation for ‘wearing’ the perception of how that changes ‘who one really is, is to add self deception to oneself, and the world.

Forever, we have been conditioned to not accept our real self and instead live in a tense anxiety over what we think we are, and what we should be. We each have the innate ability to accept our real inner beauty. Trying to be someone one one is not, be it in a ‘marriage’ or as an individual, is to create an anxiety for a future ‘should be’ when just simply being in the here and now eliminates the ‘trap’ of societies expectations.

You cannot improve upon your real self. All actions, of course can be examined and evaluated for improvement. Actions can come from the ‘false you’ that one becomes attached to as ‘who you perceive yourself to be’.  Life becomes more blissful and authentic when you let in life, and let go of the attachments to the ‘trap’ of thinking who you are deceived into thinking yourself to be, which is less than the enlightened being you really are.  Inside each person are all the qualities that make one excited to be alive and above the old ‘fake self’. No need to ‘fake marital bliss’ when with a little effort with love, it can be authentic!


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