Stop Improving

Stop Improving!

May 31, 2010
You are perfect as you are IF you can see, and feel your perfect self! Search and be who you are, and not what you really are not. People all over the world, especially the educated, try to be someone they are not. There are no ideals you have to fulfill. Be who you are with awareness and self love.  Drop the ‘becoming’ a better person. You already are that but for pulling it out of your barriers of ‘self condemnation’ and insistentent clinging upon living other’s perceived judgments of who you are.

The ‘morality teachers’ are as unconscious as you are, just with an ability and agenda to proselytize worn out ‘boiler plate’ looping pseudo wisdoms that have been around forever.  Thoughts of becoming enlightened are just random ego fulfilling imaginations that serve delusion. You already are ‘saved’, life filled, or enlightened but for the self realization that you are. It’s not something to be attained. That which can be attained can be stolen away or lost. Nothing to attain, it’s already there.

Conversely, are those who not only don’t accept their perfection, but refuse to move above the unconscious state to maintain an existence that doesn’t look inward, and strangely not even at their somewhat sloth-like habits. They are the majority by far who insist that others hold all criticism for their ‘rotating caring and uncaring habits, that amount to ‘not giving a shit’. These self selected ‘bottom feeders come with all different masks including rich or poor, and educated or uneducated.  They are the modern neanderthals who refuse to see the beauty that lies within for fear of having to suffer some pain is search of the truth. They find comfort in their misery!

Live life the way ‘enlightenment’ is bound to do it. Don’t look to attain perfection, just live it as much as possible both for your own joy and the unselfish joy of others. Alan Watts, an American type Guru/philosopher said ‘I always drink in an enlightened way’. It’s not what you do but ‘how you do it’ from consciousness. Enjoy ‘ordinariness’, but with excitement for even the smallest of things which emerge when you let go of all the mental accumulations and goals that are nothing but a hindrance to infinite joys in life. Drop the idea of perfection or enlightenment and rise above habits that weigh one down in the eyes of those who enjoy the life of the unenlightened, free, open, and loving state. That’s where ‘intelligence’ is!

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