Illusional Friends

Illusional Friends
Dead_friends_illusion by Illusion_No1.
May 25, 2010
Relax!  Turn out the lights and relax. In that darkness, you can look inside your soul! Keeping eyes shut, become aware of the breath – it’s the ‘breath of life’ that all your enemies in the dark, and illusional friends in the light, dwell.  Who is masquerading? Who is real? In the dark, can you see and experience your heart of love? Are there clouds in your heart blocking the feeling of the joy of living. Are those appearing to be living, really living, or are they figments of their imagination, and yours?

Living with eyes and heart wide open, while choosing to discern between what’s real, and what’s just a belief – an illusion, wisdom slowly arises out of the fogs of denial, ignorance, and fear. All the blocks to see both who you really are as well as who others are behind the ‘mask of pretending’, needs to be lifted in order for removal of illusions to see the naked reality, with compassion for the masses of the ‘deluded’. In this early awakening of humankind, from the darkness of the millenniums, a small few million, at best, are beginning to see both themselves as evolving into a ‘light of consciousness’ as well as those wandering in self deception of who they really are.

We come from darkness into the light of life, unfortunately to only usually lose sight of that light while living in the shadows of ‘self deception’. We typically return to that darkness only having experienced brief moments of ecstasy followed closely by the lingering shadows of the despair of self doubts, and the lost feeling of love.

When one is open with ‘self life’, seeking truth beyond beliefs, ‘systems of beliefs’, counterproductive habits, and illusions in general, we can see the limits and barriers of those ‘friends who are really figments of the imagination’, and are really barriers to authentic ‘loves and friends’. Looking for love and friends in all the wrong places while instead seeking ‘fast food love and friends’ is merely to ‘exist’, and not live this wonderful opportunity to see, and experience all of life’s beauties, joys, and challenges that can be converted into ‘building blocks of learning and growing into the light of blissfulness’. Life and love are divinely open beyond your illusions of them!


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