Allah is Satan

Allah is Satan

May 27, 2010
God is Satan. Isn’t anyone not focused on self awareness, satanic? Isn’t living in a state of denial, fear, apathy, self loathing, as well as any characteristic of less than an openness to search for ‘self love’ to deny reaching for a positive life, satanic on some level?

God or Allah, as well as Satan, are just words to concepts that people can have their own general idea of the polarities of ‘good and bad’. The misuse and misunderstanding of both words is universal in whatever language’s translation. Those that use God as an ‘idol to worship’ (which is generally the case among worshippers of ‘holy messiahs and prophets) is symptomatic of ‘severe delusion’ for fear of stepping outside of their comfort zones. Words as god or satan are ‘control words’ to keep people ignorant and in a box to be plucked by those seeking benefit.

To use any word without ‘detachment’ to it’s illusory properties, is but to block one from awakening to far greater mysteries that have no label.  To use words like ‘god’ to express a feeling or ‘simplest explanation’ in the course of conversation is intelligent compared to one who through ignorance, fear, and just laziness, uses so called ‘holy words’ as irrefutable. Attaching ‘fear of acceptance’ to a word like ‘god’ is in a way ironically ‘satanic’. Religions have both served the hopes of humanity and created a ‘hard wired fog’ in billions who lack the time or education to research the truths from the myths.

Daily, I meet people, some over and over, who put up barriers, both psychic, mental, emotional, and physical to avoid healthy, responsible, intelligent use of awareness, discernment, and displays of love that go beyond platitudes and ‘generic excuses’ for behaviors as well as recycled mindsets that don’t meet the requirements of the highest intelligence or even ‘common sense’. ‘Satanic’ can be used to identify thoughts, actions or words that are from just plain ‘stupid to evil’. Much of what most have learned is very
suspect for being the correct or the ‘best way’. Looking deep inside, one will find a godliness that will serve up love and awareness to see beyond the partial truths that continue to misguide you and humanity. Truth is much finer than pseudo truths.

‘SAT’ (scholastic aptitude test) scores are advertised as a means to find the ‘truth’ as to who meets important requirements for college admission. ‘Sat’ is from the ‘ancient sanskrit’ meaning truth. ‘An’ is from the sanskrit, ‘anand’ meaning ‘bliss’. ‘Sat’-’an’ means bliss through truth. It’s healthy to be open minded and positive!


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