Drity Old Men & Lust

Dirty Old Men & Lust

Dirty old men by the big bambooly.May 23, 2010

Dirty old men start as early as 12, and continue on past 100! In college, I worked for a guy in his 60’s at a Blacksmith shop, where his 88 year old father, and former owner, showed up daily. Old man Fossburg always dressed in a black suit with vest, black brimmed hat, and a gold watch chain hanging from his vest pocket. Fossburg frequently chomped on a cigar and could be found reading a playboy magazine. Several times per year he joked about his jaunts at one of the ‘local whore houses’ claiming it kept him young for his 80 year old wife!

Leering old men in the internet age are now often found in front of a ‘porno site’, only known to those who are a ‘fly on the wall’.  If married, they can often be found behind a locked door while viewing porno in private without the wife’s consensual knowledge. In year’s past, ‘playboy magazine’ and knockoffs were enough for private viewing but with advancing technology, they can now use a credit card for live ‘virtual reality’ action that should be called ‘cheating’ if a man is married in a life with ‘communication problems’. “Who knows what evil lies in the hearts of men’’? Certainly not most females!

Like boiling water that turns to steam, evolving sexuality rises into a deeper and deeper ability to love another that amounts to – ‘sex to superconsciousness’. Those, commonly, who don’t evolve their ‘sex drive’, often displace the energy into addictions and behaviors that ‘pervert’ healthy, wholesome living into actions that only tend to serve their greedy needs. Men who never evolve their sexuality beyond mostly fantasy, become dirty old men, even when it’s hidden and covered by infinite behaviors cloaking it.

Degenerative emotional behaviors are perversions, but always an opportunity to use the energy for the healthy evolvement of the self as well as humanity.  Energy always goes ‘somewhere’. It’s a ‘choice’ to direct it to love or to ‘fritter’ it away for self indulgences with no compassion for others beyond their usefulness as a ‘vehicle’ to garner more self serving pleasures. As the human individual spiritually evolves, inspiring others to do the same, the world will become a more enlightened place. Turn ‘unbridled sex’ into unbridled love!


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